Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2020


When someone mentions the term ‘digital marketing’ it is not hard to think of at least one success story based on a post or video that went viral. The accessibility of social media, email, and blogs makes it easier than ever before to get your message out there and served up in front of a perfect, cherry-picked audience.

Some might say that it is so easy that anyone can do it. But if it is really that easy, why does it feel so hard to grow your audience online for your Melbourne, FL business? Even if you are getting good engagement, where are the customers? The truth is that digital marketing in Melbourne is worth everything they say it is, but it takes a little more than slapping some copy on an ad banner and calling it a day.


No. 1 – Start with a Strategy

Focused, intentional and consistent action will produce more fruits than trying to be everywhere all of the time. Your digital marketing efforts should begin with a carefully crafted strategy designed to direct customers into sales funnels, always created with the end result in mind. Too many small businesses spend money running ad campaigns for awareness. Instead, think about the end result you are after and set a measurable goal inline with that result.


No. 2 – Make it Mobile

More than two-thirds of internet users are accessing the web on mobile devices. This is especially true for local search results. If you are trying to target customers in Melbourne, you need to focus your efforts on where these users are spending their time. Trends like location-based ads allow your business to target local customers with digital marketing in Melbourne using GPS tracking so that your ads are shown when they are within close proximity to your business.


No. 3 – Build Community

Digital marketing presents a unique opportunity to do more than just tell customers about your brand or service. Through content marketing strategies and social networking you can show them your passion, nurture a relationship, and establish yourself as a local expert in your industry. Digital marketing is the perfect opportunity to connect with your local audience in Melbourne, FL in a more authentic way.


No. 4 – Keep it Fluid

Your digital marketing strategy is something that needs to be tracked, evaluated, and fine-tuned. In other words, it is a living document that continues to change based on outcomes and driven by needs. Make sure that you are tracking the correct metrics. Start with your intended goal and identify what key performance indicators (measurable statistics) you can use to measure progress towards your goal. Review this feedback regularly and adjust your strategy to focus more or less on different areas as needed.


No. 5 – Invest in Good Design

Visual appeal is important to the overall success of your digital marketing efforts. With ultra high-definition displays featuring over a million colors, computer screens can deliver a high-impact visual experience. Use display technology to your advantage and create stunning, beautiful ad design with high quality images and solid graphic design principles. Partner with a local graphic designer in the Melbourne area to capture a local feeling that will resonate with your clientele.


No. 6 – Maintain a Consistent Message Across all Platforms

Digital marketing utilizes many different avenues to attract customers to your business and direct them to specific tasks like completing sign up forms, booking a consultation or making a purchase. Some activities occur on your web page and other activities occur on third party platforms like social media websites. Regardless of where a new visitor first encounters your business online, keep your branding consistent so you are easily recognizable.


No. 7 – Commit to Keep Learning

Technology and the digital world are continuously adapting and evolving. In a matter of a few short weeks, you can quickly fall behind in current trends. As a few months go by, your digital marketing campaigns that were once on the leading edge of the trend are now rapidly falling behind. Staying on top of the trends will encourage the most success.


No. 8 – Optimize Everything for Search Engines

Not everything in digital marketing revolves around an ad campaign. While a well-designed ad campaign can do wonders for drumming up new traffic, slow and steady always wins the race. Every piece of content from your website, blog posts, and social media pages should rely on the fundamentals of good SEO. Local search optimization is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing. It is all about location-based ads and putting your business in front of locals in the Melbourne, FL area so that you get more than just likes and shares, you get real customers.


No. 9 – Build Sales Funnels

Digital marketing is a little more than putting up a website and building a few ad campaigns to bring the traffic. You actually have to direct traffic exactly where you want them to go. A successful sales funnel will spark interest and keep that interest on the hook as they walk through the steps that you have designed. A sales funnel might include a lure to generate interest, a value-add component offered right up front, some follow up to build upon that offer and develop a relationship, and then an ask or soft sell. Don’t expect visitors to stumble upon your sale page on their own, be intentional in building funnels that bring them there.


No. 10 – Keep it Fresh

The digital world moves lightning fast. You have to continue to feed the beast or you will become irrelevant. If you are using content marketing as part of your strategy, then find a way to keep good quality content coming. Rely on your team. Not everyone has the same skills, if they can write – let them. If they can shoot a video of your operations with a drone – let them do that too. It doesn’t have to be fancy, people love to get a behind-the-scenes look and they will reward an authentic experience over a glamour shot any day of the week.


The Takeaway on Digital Marketing Trends

Success in digital marketing is rarely achieved by throwing darts with a blindfold on. Behind the scenes, business owners are developing multi-pronged strategies tied to goals with measurable outcomes to decide what platforms to focus on and where to spend ad dollars. The landscape is constantly changing so keep learning, growing and adjusting your plan to make the most out of digital marketing in the Melbourne-area.

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 Author: Melvin Figueroa  
 Founder, Mello Multimedia

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