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About Mello Multimedia

We believe in good design and strategy to grow your business in the digital world. Your website should be more than just the digital home for your business. We see it as a blank slate to create great design executed as part of a strategic plan that is custom-tailored to your business.

Mello Multimedia is different from other web design companies because we focus on proven strategies that bring measurable outcomes. We are not just another design company talking about our technical skills and our hopes of what will work. We are offering you a calculated strategy with measurable success to grow your brand in the digital world.

Founded in 2015 by Melvin Figueroa, Mello Multimedia focuses on strategy-based web design, graphics, and digital marketing.


Founder, Melvin Figueroa

About The Founder

Mello Multimedia’s founder Melvin Figueroa is a Rhode Island native. Originally starting his business in Rhode Island in 2015, he moved his business and his family to Melbourne, Florida in 2019.

Melvin found inspiration for his creativity at a young age. He often passed time doodling in the margins of his papers or on the back of his notebooks. It did not take long until others started to notice his talent. He began creating drawings, illustrations, and logos for other people. This is really what ignited the fire for Melvin. From the creative process to the satisfaction of delivering the completed project, he knew right away that this is something that he enjoyed.

A love of creativity and technology-led Melvin to study at Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island College, and the New England University of Technology. He graduated with a concentration degree in graphics, multimedia, and web design.

Melvin has established himself as a leader in strategy-based web design and has been invited to share his expertise through many speaking engagements and podcasts.

Melvin founded Mello Multimedia to blend his creative talent and love of technology to help other businesses grow their brands digitally.


• Our Mission and Values

At Mello Multimedia we understand that you want results. Pretty design and fancy bells and whistles are good, but what you are interested in is impacting results. More customers, better quality leads, and higher sales are what is important to you and your stakeholders.

Our focus is not just on good design. It is on a strategic design that yields measurable results for our clients. The strategy behind our design choices is what sets us apart from other designers and what will help your business stand apart from other businesses on the web.

Pretty aesthetics are certainly visually appealing, but that is only one piece of the puzzle to digital success. The science behind the design is what helps us make sure that your website does more than look pretty. It functions as a sales tool that drives quality traffic, leads, customers, and sales to your business.


• Our Commitment to Quality

At Mello Multimedia you can expect that we will only use proven strategies to build success for your company. Our commitment to providing clients with top quality service from beginning to end means that we have already tested what works and we won’t recommend any unnecessary services to you.


• Our Commitment to Communication

At Mello Multimedia we believe that the best outcomes come from open collaboration between our team and yours. No one truly knows your business as well as you do so we are committed to hearing more than just your needs. From the early stages of planning your project, through the design process and implementation, and follow-up after completion we will work to keep the communication open, honest and transparent.


• Our Commitment to Results

At Mello Multimedia we are committed to providing measurable results to our customers. While many web designers focus on unpredictable services, we take a different approach. We believe in the power of strategic design to move the needle forward for your business.

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