Services - Mello Multimedia
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Web Design

Designing awesome websites is what we do best. Whether you are trying to sell your product on the web or become an established brand online we’ve got you covered. We will make sure your website stands out above the competition and attracts your target market with no hesitation.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is crucial when connecting with your target market. We want to make sure your company’s mission, values, and principles are displayed through all pieces of customer interaction which include your logo, website, social media, and all printed collateral. We want your brand to be represented authentically on everything it touches.

Logo Design

Your company’s logo should be memorable, unique and define exactly what you’re all about within seconds of viewing. We specialize in creating strong and distinct marks that have a voice of its own. We love creating logos for non-profits, churches, small business, restaurants, and personal brands.

Print Design

Besides creating stunning visuals online we also provide designs intended for print such as; book covers, flyers, business cards, letterheads, direct mailers, brochures, booklets, and a lot more. We want to make sure your business is not limited on where it wants to go no matter if it’s digital or print.

Print Products

We want everything your brand touches to be done the right way with excellence; It is no different when it comes to our printing services. There are many print products to choose from including business cards, brochures, booklets, postcards, banners, signs, stickers, decals and a lot more. We are able to truly match the voice of your brand with custom printed products offering various thicknesses, foils, embossings, varnishes, paper types and more.

Web Hosting

Why try to set up and configure website hosting yourself? We make it easy and frustration-free by doing it for you. We keep your website secure from online hackers and provides additional services such as SSL certificates, professional email setup, website hosting transfer, domain set up, and we will even keep your website up to date.


Professional photos enhance how your brand is perceived by the public; Mello Multimedia specializes in portrait, product, and fashion photography.  Professional images is a must for any website, social media, press kit or lookbook.


Wanting to promote your product, service or next event? We will brainstorm, shoot and edit your next promo video that will be sure to generate a buzz.